About us

Sevenoaks Jitsu was founded 18 years ago to give children the chance to learn new skills, develop their self confidence and improve their fitness, while having fun. It is now a thriving club training adults, teens and children.

Chris Doherty


Sevenoaks Jitsu is led by 5th degree black belt, Chris Doherty who began the club 16 years ago to support his eldest child, then six years old, in his weekend activities. Whilst some dads help out at rugby or football, Chris decided to start a children’s martial arts club.

Chris, a former secondary teacher, has been training in Japanese ju-jitsu for 33 years and has now turned his hobby into a thriving club.

Thousands of boys and girls, men and women have joined Sevenoaks Jitsu sessions over the years to have fun, develop mental toughness, get fitter and stronger. Chris’ sessions have enabled them to become skilled at self defence, and to learn some cool moves on the way to Black Belt.

Fun and friendly martial arts

At Sevenoaks Jitsu, our emphasis is on fun and inclusivity. We know that learning is a life-long journey, and so is our journey into Jitsu. No move is ever wrong or right, it’s just where we are right now. As we develop and grow so does our understanding of the techniques.

Sevenoaks Jitsu is a great place to start your martial arts journey, or to further hone and train your technique and advance your skills, while keeping fit and having fun.

Instructor speak with kids
Kids doing push ups
kids sparring
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